The Tool Room


We have variety of press’s that can fit your needs for your tool. From 45 tons to 250 tons we have you covered. The bed of our presses range from 10″ x 26″ to 32″ x 60″.


Fadel CNC Machines

We have two Fadel CNC machines that allow us to make detail blocks quicker along with making 3-D detail blocks.

  • Table limits: X-axis: 40″   Y-axis: 20″   Z-axis: 20″ / X-axis: 30″   Y-axis: 15″   Z-axis: 15″



Wire EDM Machines
An essential step in meeting your needs is building tight-tolerance progressive stamping dies for critical applications and when required, custom prototypes. Are wire EDMs burn on a two axis plane allowing us to make are trim sections and punches.
•Wire diameter .010” and .012″



It all starts here. We square up each detail for dies on our grinders and then take them close to size on our horizontal mill. Once the blocked details are close to final size we put them back on the grinders and bring the detail to size. We also do a number of other things on our grinders like sharpen punches and trim sections and can make radius’s on details.


Bridge Ports

We have three different Bridge Ports that we use to help finalize details and make details on. With the x y and z axis’s we can drill holes precisely.



Drill Press

We have two different drill press’s that we constantly use. From finalizing details or doweling trim steel and forms into their place.




When we have to handle round steel stock this is where we turn to. Our lathes allow us to make bushing and tap round stock.